Monday, October 25, 2010

kelab bolasepak liverbird Malaysia......


21 October 2010

Dear Friends,

Firstly I would like to this opportunity today to congratulate the Liverbird Football Club, Malaysia (“LFC Malaysia”) for officially being recognized as a Club registered under the National Sports Commission Malaysia which is an integral part of the Youth and Sports Ministry, Malaysia.

A word of thanks…

There are numerous people to thank for even at this early stage since a tremendous amount of efforts has gone behind the scenes. Rashdan Rashid has been momentous and the ‘rock of Gibraltar’ in getting things moving forward and laying out activities for the whole season. Together with Syamsul Bahari Abdullah and Pervez Farook Yunus from Sg Petani they have been relentless in planning and organizing meets, match viewing venues and events in the last few months. Not forgetting facebook LFC Malaysia die hard fans such as Navin, Aishah and many others whose names would fill this letter. As at this morning, there are 1,394 LFC Malaysia fans on facebook. Surely that is not bad for a club that is barely one (1) day old! There are also the consistent and passionate Liverpool FC bloggers of Xali Alonso and the army of 2,143 fans of “My-LFC [The Malaysian Die Hard Fan], ”. Coaches Ahmad Fairuz Yunus, Sulaiman Gerrard and Hamedon Medon are amongst coaches that have continuously been working in setting up the curriculum for football development as well as football school holiday programs.

We would also like to thank Encik Salleh Ramli and Encik Nicholas Apui Jan of the Sports Commission as well as the Football Association of Kuala Lumpur for lending their support to our application.

I felt compelled to write and explain just a little bit about the basic stated objectives of the formation of Liverbird Football Club, Malaysia.

***amanat Presiden Kelab

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